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Acupuncture & IVF

Acupuncture and IVF treatment.

Acupuncture and IVF treatment.

Acupuncture could help to improve the chances of IVF/ICSI success. Many studies suggest that acupuncture can increase the chances of getting pregnant for women undergoing fertility treatment. A recent study claims that Acupuncture boosts its rate by 65% (British Medical Journal).

Acupuncture carries little side effects, making it a very safe supplemental treatment to your IVF treatment.

Infertility and the treatments.

Several recent reports have confirmed that infertility rates in the UK are rising and there has been a dramatic increase in infertility over the last 60 years or so. Therefore, it is a common issue for many couples.

The most common Infertility treatments are Insemination (IUI), In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and IVF with Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy (PGT-A). Unfortunately, the success rates depend on various factors, but it’s still very low and the reasons are often unclear.

Acupuncture could support your treatment.

The main theories behind undergoing acupuncture during IVF is that Acupuncture can increase blood flow, specifically in the uterine area which may help with embryo implantation. Secondly acupuncture calms the nervous system and is typically utilized as a form of stress relief. In turn, lowered stress levels promote better health, hormonal levels, and possibly fertility. In fact, some studies suggest that stress plays a role in 30 percent of all infertility problems.

You could try Fertility Acupuncture combined with Herbal Medicine before your IVF/ICSI, if you would like to have a natural treatment rather than IVF. Chinese Medicine / Oriental Medicine approaches infertility from mainly kidney deficiency, liver Qi (vital energy) & blood stagnation. We link its common problems such as emotional problems to the liver Qi stagnations and oligospermia to kidney deficiency. Acupuncture could calm and nourish the Kidney, relax the Liver, and improve the energy flow. Herbs will be used in the same way, to nourish, calm and move the stagnated Qi and Blood.

The bottom line is that acupuncture carries little side effects, making it a very safe supplemental treatment. It is worthwhile for those like you looking to expand your treatment options.

By Dr. Yoon Jeon. MChiro, MB, BSc, Dip.TCM, PGCert.