Advanced Care Focused On You

What To Expect: Initial Visit

The purpose of your consultation with the practitioners is to discuss your health goals and see if Chiropractic, Acupuncture & Herbal Medications are likely to help you.

You will be welcomed by our friendly team!

You'll find plenty of free and convenient parking. As you enter the practice you will be warmly greeted by our receptionist and directed to the waiting room. You will then be asked to fill in a brief health questionnaire (this can also be downloaded as an Adobe Acrobat document from here and filled in beforehand if you prefer). This may take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Therefore we'd like you to come 10 minutes early to your first appointment.

Download the free Adobe Reader free Adobe Reader

Initial Consultation & Examinations

After you have completed the form, the receptionist will direct you to the consultation room where your practitioner is waiting for you. The practitioner will discuss the information with you before carrying out your examination.

After that, with your consent, you will receive a thorough examination. Chiropractic physical examination will include postural (shows how the body is adapting), neurological (shows how the nervous system is functioning), orthopaedic (tests the joints and muscles) and chiropractic assessments (looks more precisely at specific joint alignments). Acupuncture or Herbal examinations will include palpation of the body to determine temperature, moisture, pain or sensitivity, and the taking of the pulse. This should take about 20-30 minutes.

Further examination

If we feel that further medical imaging such as x-ray or laboratory tests are necessary before we begin any treatment we will arrange this either privately or via your GP.

The Report of Findings

After taking your health history and examination, we'll provide you with a diagnosis and discuss a treatment plan.


After all your questions have been answered to your satisfaction, and with your permission, your treatment will begin. Treatment involves Chiropractic spinal joints adjustment, physical and myofascial therapies and/or Acupuncture, depending on the patient's needs. A typical session is about 15 minutes for Chiropractic and 30 minutes for Acupuncture.