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*When I first came to see Dr. Jeon my life did not seem worth living as an M.E. sufferer. I had gone from being an energetic hard working individual to being often bed ridden and I feeling debilitated. Dr. Jeon has transformed my life back to where it was and I am enjoying living again. I now work full time and have the energy to look after my two children.

I cannot thank Dr. Jeon enough for what he's done for me and would highly recommend him.
J Avery, Manager.

*Having had a very painful shoulder and neck for a long time I decided to visit Dr. Yoon Jeon's clinic. He has used both chiropractic and acupuncture during my visits and shown me exercises to help with the problems. The improvement has been very rapid and I now have full use of my shoulder again and am also pain free.

I would recommend anyone to try both of these treatments as my results have been astonishing.
S Bicknell, Retired.

*I was devastated when I was told I would not be able to walk and live a normal life due to the numerous fractures I suffered on a car accident and due to my age.

I was so lucky to received such a highly, caring and persistent treatment with Dr Jeon. He never gave up on me. He has completely transformed my life returning to a normal life and my sports activities. I can't never thanks him enough.

I trust Dr Jeon professionalism to be highly recommended to anyone without hesitation.
N Shillitoe, Professor.

*I was recommended to Yoon by a person who was recently able to stop smoking with the aid of acupuncture administered by him. After more than 50 years of smoking and trying every substitute on the market, I am delighted to say that finally I no longer have the need for cigarettes with Dr Yoon's acupuncture treatment. Many thanks to his acupuncture treatment, sound advice and aftercare.
M Copper, Carpenter.

*I have consulted Dr Yoon Jeon both as a Chiropractor and as a herbalist and have experienced immense improvements in my health since so doing.

Dr Jeon takes time to explain the causes of ailments and the course of treatment that he recommends to deal with them and I have found the herbal medicine which he prescribes together with recommended exercises to be very beneficial as part of a complete treatment or on their own for general wellbeing.

Dr Jeon is always sympathetic, courteous and is prepared to take time listening as well as explaining and I recommend him most highly.
D Morgan, Counsellor.

*I really sustained a serious lower back injury. I was unable to walk, twist or bend. I rang around the local chiropractors and was lucky enough to get an immediate appointment with Dr Jeon. Following the initial appointment I was able to walk slowly and was in a lot less pain. The following three appointments were extremely beneficial resulting in a full recovery and return to my normal sports activities.

Dr Jeon is an excellent healer and I would not hesitate to recommend him.
A Wilkinson, Aircraft Engineer.

*About eighteen months ago I was diagnosed with neuropathy in my legs and feet which meant that sometimes they were very painful and sometimes numb. At all times walking was difficult. I was told that not a lot could be done about it but I decided to try acupuncture as a last result. I have been attending Dr. Yoon Jeon's clinic for acupuncture and am amazed and delighted that not only has he got rid of the pains in my legs and feet but I am able to walk properly again!! I would recommend anyone with similar problems to pay Dr. Yoon Jeon a visit and try acupuncture.
R Bicknell, Retired.

*From my very first appointment a few years ago, Dr. Yoon proved to be dedicated practitioner, who is committed to the welfare of his patients. Professional and thorough, he diagnoses and treats his patients both sensitively and efficiently, combining acupuncture, Chinese medicine and chiropractics as appropriate.

His ward friendly nature, caring concern and a sense of humour encompasses the whole healing process. Dr.Yoon is an absolute gem whom I can trust with my health.
D Asher, Healthcare practitioner.

*I have been going to Dr Yoon S Jeon at various times for Back, Leg and Neck problems and have been impressed with his Care, Professionalism and Expertise.

These qualities certainly helped in my recovery from Chronic Sciatica in the late part of 2011. His use of Acupuncture combined with the Chiropractic was extremely beneficial in the case of the Sciatica and the advice given for various types of exercise at home not just for the Sciatica but other problems were proven solid
R Dorking, Carpenter.

*I have been treated by Yoon for over three years. Initially I saw him with Achilles tendonitis, which he treated successfully and I have no recurrence of the problem.

Paying both hockey and rugby, I have seen him with problems ranging from groin strain, back strain, twisted ligaments and torn tendons amongst others. For each different ailment Yoon's treatment and advice have been different and effective and I have total faith in his abilities. He always tells me whether I should continue playing through the injury or whether to take a rest from sport in order to make a full recovery and I have full confidence in his advice.

I see him on a regular basis, even when not injured to make sure that I am in peak physical condition at all times and often come away with exercises to do. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who takes their sport seriously, in order to minimize the risk of short-term injuries becoming long-term problems later in life.
A Thornton, Student.

*Dr Yoon Jeon treated me for a chronic digestive disorder. I had a course of acupuncture and Chinese herbs once a week for just over a month. The treatment helped me considerably and I have continued to improve. Dr Yoon's diagnosis and treatment were spot on and I found his manner very reassuring.
Karen, Housewife.

*I visited Dr Yoon Seong Jeon for acupuncture to help me to stop smoking. I am pleased to say that since my first visit I have not smoked at all. I have had the occasional urge for a cigarette but nothing major and nothing I could not resist. I find the actual acupuncture process very relaxing and have slept very well overall since my first visit. We also targeted some hot flushes I had started to have by taking herbal tablets, these have now ceased. My thanks go to Yoon as I no longer have to stand out in the cold to burn my money away!
P James, Hypnotherapist.

*I have been treated by Dr Jeon for six years. I have always found him to be most professional, caring and good listener. The treatment that I have received has given great relief.

I am happy to recommend him as a doctor.
T Smart, Financial Advisor.

*I have every faith in Dr Jeon as a complementary medicine practitioner. When I first went to him I was suffering from the after effects of a trapped nerve sciatica. I had previously had an epidural; a long course of physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments, which had all helped but had not cured the problem. Yoon gave me a mix of acupuncture, chiropractic and massage which made me the best I had been in two years. I recently saw him for cramp in my calf which he cured in one treatment. I have since recommended my mother and boyfriend for treatment.
J Loader, Solicitor.

*Dr Yoon Jeon treated me for a long standing knee problem. Scans showed deterioration and the specialist said I would need knee replacement surgery within a few months. Dr Yoon treated me with acupuncture initially, and relieved the pain considerably. After a few sessions of acupuncture and then some chiropractic, my symptoms were greatly improved, and eighteen months later, though I still have some knee problems, my knee is mobile, and I'm hopefully still a good way from needing an operation.
P Viney, Author.

*Being a believer of Chiropractic for 25 years obviously it is something I totally approve and can highly recommended Dr Jeon to administer the required adjustment.
I Sturgess, Cook.

*I suffered with back ache every morning and found the first few steps out of bed difficult. My GP was unable to offer a cure, but when I contacted Dr Yoon, he explained the possible cause for my back pain over the phone and after my first consultation his initial diagnosis was accurate. He treated me over a period of 2 weeks and gave me some exercises to do. This was 2 years ago and I have not had any further pain.

I can recommend him to you unreservedly.
K Rodia, School Principal.

*I had a baby girl & my back's OK now. Thank you! all back to normal. I will see you when I next have a bad back or another baby.
B Evans, Retail Manager.

*Over the last 50 years or so I have had the experience of many types of treatments from various practitioners operating in the field of alternative medicine. This was with a view to support my general health and to treat specific skeletal problems.

I have been consulting Dr Yoon Seong Jeon exclusively now since October 2006 and find his combined ability to provide Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Herbal Medicine therapies to treat my health problems very helpful and impressive.

I feel very safe in his hands, and have no hesitation in recommending him to others.
R Dennis, College lecturer.

*In such a short time you have helped me overcome my muscle, joint,ligament pain. And I am no longer using the prescribed medication. We achieved this in 3months. I have also just managed a hectic holiday, Christmas period made challeging by the weather.This meant carry water & extra feed the horses & sheep whilst seeing to the needs of my young family- including GCSE study needs. Although with moments of tiredness & mild pain, I feel I have succeeded.

Thank you very much for helping me with such energising, yet relaxing acupuncture. I felt I have also really benefited from your herb prescription.

yours sincerely

Shuner Cameron.
S Cameron, Housewife.

*Dr Jeon treated for back strain I sustained while exercising. The treatment was quick and very effective. It relieved the pain, restored flexibility and I have not had any further issues. I would recommend him highly.
K Jones, Nurse.

*I went to Dr Yoon Jeon's clinic with severe pain in my neck and head. I felt I needed to get to the root of the pain and not just mask it with pain killers. He has used chiropractic, massage and acupuncture. I am now virtually pain free without the use of drugs. The improvement has been remarkable and is highly recommended.
M Grove, Receptionist